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Sue Viner is a British contemporary artist whose unique observations of the natural world are created using the refined ancient techniques of gilding and painting with pigments bound in egg yolk.  Her work embodies a timeless relationship between modern design and traditional craftsmanship, with detailed studies of nature to produce striking results brimming with subtle textures and vivid colours. Gold leaf and egg tempera are integral to the expression of the image.

The use of gilding and egg tempera painting reflect the experience gained from Sue's work as a restorer and conservator.  She credits the beauty and durability of her paintings with the unique art forms she practices which retain a tangible connection with the past. Processes that originate as far back as the Byzantine and Egyptian eras, using materials sourced from the Earth.

2014  Kew Certificate in Botanical Illustration

2018  New collection of paintings exhibited by Tom Rooth Fine Art Ltd.

Restorer and Conservator

Restoration and conservation of water gilding, oil gilding and verre églomisé; oriental lacquer and japanning; painted and decorated surfaces, working for private clients, clockmakers, antique dealers and conservators.  Site work on conservation projects in historic buildings and churches in England and Wales, including two years restoring the carved, painted and gilded Throne Canopy in the House of Lords, Palace of Westminster;  Jersey; New York and Boston in USA; Kosovo.

                         “Knowing how to do, therefore knowing how to observe,in order to know how to intervene”

Maximillian Leuthenmayr


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